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Black Company Volunteer Challenge for Cyn-Mists May 2017


I Lash the Red Samurai , elder of the tribe Kuro Kaze of the House of Black Company am selling my tribe's ( and other mercenary swords I can gather) services to hire for Cyn-Mists war, but we are doing things completely different this time as we want something more valuable then gold or jewels !

* gasp!*

More valuable then booze or cookies!

* What!?!*

Even more valuable than BACON!

* Crash, fans the people who have fainted*


We want blood, sweat and tears for our pay!! We want the blood of volunteers!! From now until the war the principalities must compete with each other with volunteer hours at events only!! 

For bonus points the blood of muggles is doubly sweet so any who is their first time volunteering they get double hours for the first job and time they work!! If it is their first event and first time volunteering its triple hours!!


1) Hours from officers already in service or event set up positions do not count ( ie: autocrat or head cook) 
2) All volunteer hours must be submitted at ONE of the links below to be counted.  
3) The score keeper will do the math if you earned bonuses, so just answer the questions and enter the hours worked. 
4) Cyn-Mists war is May 12th so any OFFICIAL EVENT as described in our West Kingdom calendar that Their Highnesses would attend may be used for hours. 
5) This competition is for fun and to help those who haven’t volunteered before or don’t know how to so it’s on the honor system and no rule mongering please let’s just keep it simple and have a blast!  

When in doubt, rely on the Honor system and make the choice that promotes the glory of your Principality and fosters Volunteerism.

Click here for the Form to enter volunteer hours to count towards Cynagua's Total

Click here for the Form to enter volunteer hours to count towards the Mists' Total.