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The Shire members practice a wide variety of arts.  Some of these are done as self study.  Others involve classes and/or group projects.  

Brewing - The shire had had several Mead, Cider, and Beer brewing workshops over the years.  Participants have worked from raw ingredients as well as commercial kits to produce tasty treats for their own enjoyment.

Leather Working - Several members have created leather equipment for their horses and hounds as well as humans.

Sewing/Costuming/Garb/Embroidery - The shire members create much of their own garb.









Banner/backdrop painting - Using materials as simple as canvass and silk coupled with the right paint and dyes, shire members have created a variety of lovely items.














Fermented Foods - Several Shire members have fermented meat and vegetables.













Wood Working - From beds to boxes, From poles to chairs the shire has a history of woodworking projects.











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