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The SCA has several forms of Combat:

Rapier combat recreates civilian forms of self defense.  Although the earliest manuals date to the 14th Century, rapier and cut and thrust styles of combat enjoyed tremendous prominence during the Renaissance.   SCA Rapier and Cut and Thrust Combat involve using blunted steel weapons while wearing armor similar to civilian clothing of the time.  Combat happens both one on one and in groups.  










Heavy combat recreates armored combat of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.  Combat involves the use of weapons made from rattan.  Fighters wear reproduction armor.  Combat happens one on one or in groups and may involve missile weapons such as blunted arrows and crossbow bolts.  Heavy combat is used to determine who will serve as our upcoming ceremonial heads or Royalty.

None of the combat forms are judged.  Instead combatants declare on their honor when they have been bested.  Marshals oversee combat and serve as safety officers.   

Combat Practices in Canale are currently held on an as needed basis.  If you are interested in Combat Activities, contact the Shire Marshal.

To get started in Combat Activities: