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PPF Burgundy Registration




The PPF Burgundy Guild Page has event schedules and educational resources.  Check it out!

If you have further questions, please contact the Autocrat.

Registration SOLD OUT!

Registration is closed.  The Waitlists are all full.  After manual processing of your request, you will be sent an invoice with your ticket level.  When payment is received, you will be sent a manually generated confirmation.  The only good reservation is a paid reservation.  No refunds.  You may transfer your registration.  Please let the autocrat know who you transfered to so we can adjust seating.  

There will be four pricing tiers. All levels include event entry, lodging Friday and Saturday nights, Breakfast and Supper Saturday, and Leftover Brunch Sunday. The different names reflect options for the Saturday noontime feast.  Menu information for the noontime feast included below.

High Table Feast:
18 seats are available in the hall at the high and flanking tables. This category will have extra dishes some suitable for sharing if desired and enhanced service including carving at the table.
$55/60 member/non-member

Messes Feast:
24 seats are available in the hall for dinner served in messes. Dishes will be carved in the kitchen rather than at the table.  This price option provides the base menu for the other options.  The seating style will facillitate easy conversation with your fellow diners. 
$45/50 member/nonmember

Side Board Feast:
30 spaces are available for service from the side board in a gallery with a view of the entertainment in the main hall. The menu will be slightly simplified to reflect that different service level. This option is ideal if you have always wanted to experience a Perfect Period Feast, but are not sure you want to commit to being seated during one.
$35/40 member/nonmember

Staff Feast:
Requires advanced approval of the Head Cook or Autocrat
$15/20 member/nonmember

The noontime meal will feature a grand feast prepared by our Head Cook Mistress Flidais (ably assisted by the likes of Master Wulfric, Mistress Gianetta, the Fabulous Feast Faeries and so many other amazing WK cooks).  Due to the complexity of this feast, we will not be able to accomodate special dishes for those with allergies, but we will be able to provide a complete list of ingredients so that problem dishes can be avoided.

All three dining levels (including the sideboard) will receive:

Cheese- Assorted cheeses.
Sliced colds meats- Assorted cold cooked meats.
Jordan almonds- Sugar coated almonds.
Grapes- Fruits.
Bread- Wheat bread.
Butter- Cow milk butter.
Norse Pies- Chicken hand pies with pine nuts, currants, and cheese.
Broth- Chicken and beef broth from the Capon and herbs and Shanks of Beef.
Cominee- Chicken in a ginger, cumin and verjuice sauce.
English Puree- Cooked peas with onions and parsley.
Garden cress with almond – Cooked leafy greens in almond milk.
Almond milk flans- Non dairy, gluten free flan.
Salad of lettuces- Lettuces dressed with oil, vinegar, mustard, salt and pepper.
Blancmanger- Spiced chicken cooked with almond milk and sugar.
Emplemeus de Pommes- Sugared apple and almond puree.
Dates- Pitted fruits.
Hazelnuts- Shelled nutmeats.
Walnuts- Shelled nutmeats.
Cherry Preserves- Commercially prepared.
Savory Rice- Rice cooked in almond milk.
Confits- Sugar coated spices.
Arboulastre- Baked herb and leafy green egg and cheese dish.

The seated diners (High/Flanking Tables and Messes) will also be served:

Sausages after killing a pig - Pork sausages seasoned with fennel, and spices.
Capon and Herbs and Shanks of Beef- Chicken and beef cooked in spiced and herbed broth.
Barbe Robert- Onion and mustard sauce.
Mushrooms one night old- Spiced mushrooms in cheese.
Roast Chicken- Seasoned with salt & pepper.
Garlic Sauce of Belgium- Garlic sauce with breadcrumbs and verjuice.
a la Jance- Ginger flavored thin custard sauce.
Arbaletes- Roasted spiced pork and lamb meatballs coated in parsley and flour.
Wafers- Wheat flour waffle cookies.

Finally, diners at our High and Flanking tables will be presented with the following additional dishes:

La brehee- Salt pork and cured goose in a spiced almond sauce.
Vinaigrette- Pork and beef with onions in a spiced wine and vinegar sauce.
Roast Goose- Seasoned with salt & pepper.
Crepes- Wheat flour crepes.