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Event Steward Handbooks

Click Here : Canale Event Steward Handbook (Master Document opens in GSuite)


Sister Guides


History:  The Cynaguan Autocrat Handbook (2007)

We hope these guides will help all current and future event stewards continue to bring us amazing events.  As populace, we may not always remember to thank you, but we do appreciate all that you accomplish even though you can never please all of us.

Many thanks to all those who continue to give their time to this project: Countess Helga Skjaldmær, Baroness Aibinn Maighe Tuireadh T-Rah, Master Joel the Brewer, Mistress Clare Elena de Montfort, Mistress Brid Hecgwiht, Lord Hindreck Keuenpoeyck, Baroness Mira of Tarnmists, Mistress Ghislaine, and Anonymous ie everyone that has left suggestions in comments.

West Kingdom Event Steward Web Based Timeline