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Business Meetings:

The Business Meeting is held the first Wednesday of the Month at 5:30 in the Greater Turlock area.  Due to COVID, we are holding meetings via Zoom.  A link is posted in the event announcement on the Shire FB page.  When safe to do so again, we will resume meetings in person at area restaurants.

"Business meetings" are very social and allow everyone to get caught up to date on what is going on in each others SCA lives.  Also decisions are made for upcoming events and activities.



Equestrian Practices are held 4-6 times/year at Double N Ranch in Modesto.  Please check the Shire FB page for upcoming dates.   


Currently Rapier and Heavy Practices occur 1-2 times per month.  Please check the Shire FB page for upcoming dates.  Contact the Marshal to be added to the text blast notifications.

Mostly they occur at the North East Corner of Donnely Park in Turlock on Sundays.  Start time is 10 am in the winter.  9 am during hotter months.  In event of rain/mud, the practices are moved to Pitman HS.  Loaner armor is available for both activities. 
When Eq practice happens at Double N Ranch, the arena is available at the end of the day for heavy/rapier sparing.  There is no loaner armor at these practices.  

Arts and Sciences:

The Shire is looking to bring the banners for the personal arms of the former Kings and Queens of the West up to date.  Contact the Webminister if you are interested in either of these projects.